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People will forget the color of your couch

I’ve stayed in over 200 hostels across 30 countries in my life. I can’t remember the color of a single couch.

I’m sure there were some really striking couches. Ones that at the time I commented on. Maybe even took a photo. But 3 or 4 years since my last hostel trip, I can’t remember a single one.

I can, however, remember how I felt in a number of hostels. Friends I made. The staff. How easy it was being there. Almost all positive memories from hostel are tied back to the atmosphere, people, and adventures found within.

So when you start thinking of setting up your hostel, or coffee shop, or any business keep that in mind. Don’t play business by overthinking things that don’t matter. Distracting yourself with the color of your couch.

They’re going to forget the colors. They’re never going to forget the feelings.

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